“If you do not spend money on your wellness, you will certainly spend it on your illness” ~ Author Unknown

Joanne is the founder and owner of Eclipse Living Essence Aromatherapy. She started her training in London England in 1992. Jo and her family moved to Perth in 1994, and it was here that she completed an IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists) accredited course, becoming an IFA accredited Teacher in 1996. She then spent a number of years on the IFA teachers committee and was actively involved in the writing of the Diploma Course Curriculum. By 1999 Joanne was a one women RTO (Registered Training Organisation).  

For the past 30 years Jo has been teaching courses from the basics of aromatherapy right through to a diploma of clinical aromatherapy. She has also been making use of her training in Remedial and Lymphatic Massage, also obtained in London in 1991, to run a successful massage clinic in Perth, WA.  In 2021 Eclipse Living Essence was awarded Advanced Practitioner                                                   Level III School   requirements of  AIA  Alliance of International Aromatherapists.

Jo’s first love is teaching others, and to that end she offers a wide range of courses. Please contact Jo to discuss your goals.    call 04353 68664  or email at eclipsearomatherapy@yahoo.com.au