The Noongar Season ‘Makuru’   (June ,July) is the wettest time of the year in south west, West Australia.  It is also a time of fertility.

Today I am focusing on essential oils and aromatic practices to help us through this wet season.

Some of my favourite essential oils for this time are Eucalypts (radiata, globulous, Smithii, plenissima etc, Myrtle (myrtus communis) Fragonia, Tea tree, Frankincense , Cajeput, & Copaiba.

This year I was late starting my aromatic practices and caught a chill so I have started to make frankincense resin capsules which I am taking 4 times a day.


As a dog owner I am duty bound to walk in wet, windy, cold weather conditions, and as an asthmatic this time of year is not great for my lungs so I wear scarfs liberally sprinkled with Myrtle and Frankincense.  I carry my Nasal inhaler or Personal diffusor to which I add Eucalyptus radiata, Frankincense & Cajeput.

At the start of the season, I make up a chest rub that is heating to the lung area and opening of the air ways.  I regularly have aromatic baths with Fragonia, Myrtle Tea tree and Ginger, if you don’t have a bath you can substitute with a foot bath




Suggestion for an Adult Bath Blend

2 drops Fragonia

3 drops Myrtle

2 drops Tea Tree

3 drops Ginger

10 mls of moisturising lotion / Carrier oil

100 gms Magnesium flakes

10 mls Non SLS Cleansing gel

10 gms green clay


Suggestion for a young Childs bath Blend

1 drops Fragonia

1 drop Tea Tree

2 drops Myrtle

10 mls moisturising lotion / Carrier oil

10 mls Non SLS Cleansing gel