Anatomy & Physiology of the Face.

As with the bones of the hands, it is not important that you remember each of the names. You will not be required to answer any questions regarding the anatomy or physiology of the face for the final assessment, this information is simply for your further understanding of this area.

Refer to photocopies of facial bones and muscles copied from the Anatomy colouring book by Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson to answer to complete this task

Element 5.5 Analyse contra indications to facial massage
⦁ Determine any contra indications associated with each massage recipient.
⦁ Record the contra indications on consult chart
⦁ Review essential oils selected to ensure determine suitability regarding contra indications.

To Facial massage
Do not give a facial massage to someone who has a toothache or abysses, find out about past injuries and scars and take extra care in these areas, although massage is beneficial for healing scars the area may be a little tender. lavender, neroli, carrot seed, frankincense and elemi & ho wood are the best oils for cell regeneration.

Always ask if the receiver wear false teeth, Contact lenses or have any facial prosthesis. Observe the head does it tend to lean to one side, if so pay more attention to the opposite side, as the muscles will be working extra hard to compensate.
Does the receiver snore or grind their teeth, this indicates tension, also if they grind their teeth they will probably be tender on the jaw bone under the ears. Ask the receiver to open their mouth so you can get in deep to really massage deeply in this area.
Keep encouraging receiver to relax their facial muscles so a deep massage can be achieved, you will be surprised how much tension we hold in our muscles without even knowing it. This is especially true for the facial muscles
Do not massage someone with a cold or flu, for your own wellbeing, if it is unavoidable then burn lots of tea tree and use an anti-viral oil for the massage.

Element 6.5 Conduct Aromatherapy facial treatment ensuring that
Cleansing and toning techniques correctly applied.
Correct skin care mediums used.
Massage sequence followed
Prior to embarking on this massage view the face massage recording.