Students are to prepare 4 aromatic items for personal use or for use of friends and family. You are required to select appropriate essential oils, carrier oils or other natural mediums suited to the end use of the product and to provide an explanation for your choices.

In aromatherapy we generally work at a 2.5% concentration for adults and 1.25 % for children the elderly or pregnant women, for babies and infants a maximum of 1 % is advised. See the Dilution chart. However, if this chart is not close to hand an easy way to work this out is start at 2.5% concentration whatever the quantity of your base product i.e. a 30 ml bottle of carrier oil you halve this (15) and that is the amount of drops of essential oil that you add.

So if you were using a 100 ml bottle you would add 50 drops of essential oils in total (not of each oil) This rule is not applicable when using rosewater or other water as mentioned below. During pregnancy or frail people, juveniles I halve this amount and use a 1.25% concentration If I am working on a sports injury or infection I may increase the concentration to 5 – 10 % for adults

As you will have noticed in the facial massage class when we are working with products that are to be washed / wiped off the skin we do not use a 2.5% as this would be a waste of oils as they will not be on the skin long enough to justify this. Also, if I am using products that are water based, I keep the concentration very low as the oils are potentially more irritating in a water base even if one uses a dispersant
If you choose to make an air freshener then you can add as much essential oils as you wish – the 2.5% concentration is only applicable when the oils are coming into direct contact with the skin. However always remember that water-based products are prone to bacterial contamination so are best made in small batches that are used quickly. If I ever have concern about a water-based product, I don’t throw it away I use it as a toilet cleaner. If you choose to make a facial mist then use no more than 1drops of essential oil per 10 mls of water / hydrosol.

If you are making bath treatments using Epsom / magnesium salts you will need to add a carrier oil to disperse the essential oils or keep the concentration to a maximum of 1 % of non irritant oils such as lavender, fragonia or essential oils already mixed in jojoba oil.