A thick red oil which is made from marigolds which are then infused in either Sweet almond or Olive oil. Calendula is antibacterial, antiseptic and healing, helpful for varicose veins, used medicinally to treat ulcers. Used as an external ointment for cuts, bruises, sores and burns. Regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties are known for therapeutic and healing benefits. Calendula softens & soothes dry, chapped hands. Calendula means throughout the months – meaning that the plant flowers for many months. Calendula reduces swelling, is beneficial for eczema, dermatitis. A good venus tonic which can be used for spider veins, varicose veins, couperose phlebitis, etc. Contains Salicylic acid, carotenoids phytosterols
Active constituents: The flavonoids, found in high amounts in calendula, account for much of its anti-inflammatory activity; triterpene saponins may also be important. Calendula also contains carotenoids.
⦁ Investigations into anticancer and antiviral actions of calendula are continuing. At this time there is insufficient evidence to recommend clinical use of calendula for cancer. There is evidence suggesting use of calendula for some viral infections. The constituents responsible for these actions are not entirely clear.

You can make your own Calendula infusion , you will need an opaque glass jar which you fill with dried calendula flowers (marigolds) to this add a good quality carrier oil I generally use Sweet Almond or for a more luxurious product Jojoba which you fill to the rim ,add the carrier oil slowly and allow to settle then add more carrier oil until the jar is saturated seal tightly and leave in a cool dark place . Gently agitate the jar regularly , your infusion should be ready for use in approximately 5-6 weeks. You will see that the carrier oil has taken on a beautiful orange hue, use either a strainer or muslin cloth to remove the oil from the flowers. If you wish you can repeat this with the used flowers once more.