Calophyllum oil is expressed from the dry nuts of the Foraha tree from Madagascar, as the nuts dry, a number of aromatic compounds are formed making this a highly desirable oil for aromatherapy. The down side is it has very strong curryish aroma. This oil has a long history of traditional use among the people of the South Pacific, where it is used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect especially suitable for Sciatica and rheumatism. it is also an excellent wound healer recommended for diabetic and atonic wounds. French research and clinical use has found calophyllum to be anti viral agent suitable for Herpes, a good anti-coagulant (helps reduce the “black blue” of bruising, sprains & contusions). This oil also has a rubefacient effect. Contains Terpenic essences, benzoic & oxibenic acid, Vit F, lipids, glycerides, saturated fatty acids Coumarin derivatives & phospho- amino acids.