Facial Massage

Have your partner sit comfortably, remove all jewellery and find out if they are wearing contact lenses, dentures or a hair piece, if so either ask them to remove them or take extra special care when working in these areas.

I have worked on a student who had a false eye, I gave a normal massage just avoided any contact with the false eye and surrounding area. False teeth is another common occurrence, many people will not be happy to remove the teeth so the masseur must work with extra caution; avoid pressing on or near the gums. It is best to slightly elevate the client’s head to further prevent dislodgment of the plate.

Apply a little of the cleanser all over the face and neck wipe off with facial tissues.

Then using cotton face pads semi soaked in toner wipe over the face and neck to remove any remaining cleanser. Always use up ward stroke (gravity need no help!)

1, Place a small amount of oil/ moisturiser on your hands and gently apply to the face, outwards from the center of forehead, upwards and outwards from chin, and from nose outwards across cheeks.

2, Place thumbs or forefingers together oat centre of forehead near the eyebrows and pressing gently smooth them outwards towards the temples. Repeat, starting just above the previous line, and continue until you have reached the hairline. This should be a firm but not hard pressure, check with client to ensure that the pressure is not too hard but not too light, this may take a while to perfect.

3, Starting at the bridge of the nose, place thumbs and fingers above and below the bony ridge of the eyebrows and pinch firmly. Slide thumbs and fingers firmly along the eyebrows a fraction of an inch and repeat the pinch. Repeat these movements to the end of the eyebrows, there should be sufficient slip from the moisturiser so that the thumb and fingers glide together so it does not feel like the client is being pinched.

4, Place tips of forefingers near inner corner of eye. Press down on the bone; lift the finger and replace it alongside the place you have just pressed. Repeat this along the edge of the eye socket using lighter pressure than on the eyebrow.

5, Place tips of forefingers together at the bridge of the nose near inner corners of the eyes. Work down each side of the nose, moving your fingers in very small circles. Repeat 2 or 3 times. If the client is sitting in a chair they may need to blow nose especially if they experience sinus congestion as this stoke can clear the sinuses.

6, Place 1 finger on tip of nose and rotate it 2 or 3 times in each direction. This feels quite strange to do, but it is working on a major meridian point.

7, Place tips of forefingers just outside the lower edge of each nostril and press firmly in an inwards and upwards direction (this is the pressure point for colds and sinus problems and is called ” welcoming perfume”). Slide forefingers outwards below the cheekbone using very firm pressure then upward to the temples and off the face.

8, Place forefingers just below the nose and using tiny circles work all over the area above and below the lips and chin. Slide your thumbs along the jawbone and make circles over the hinge joints of the jaw.

9, Place thumbs and forefingers above and below the jawbone and slide them up to the ear using good firm pressure. Repeat 1 or 2 times.

10, Holding earlobes between thumbs and forefingers, pull them firmly but gently down towards shoulders 2 or 3 times. Pinch the whole outer ear fairly gently from top to earlobe.

11, massage the head, stretch fingers and thumbs out and press and rotate into the scalp, use firm pressure, you should feel the skin over the scalp move with your pressure. The firmly pull clumps of hair downwards, ensure that you are not pulling individual hairs as this is very painful.

12, finishing the massage: Place hands on partner’s chin and using very light pressure sweep them smoothly out to the ears and lift off. Replace hands a little higher and repeat movement until whole face has been covered.

Allow the client a minute or two to relax, then offer them a glass of water.