Massage terms used.

Effleurage     Flat hand glides along the skin surface, the whole of the palm and fingers is in touch with the skin of the client. This is generally the first and last movement performed in a massage. Initially it allows the receiver to be accustomed to the touch of the giver; it also increases the blood and lymph in and out of the area being worked. Effleurage should be performed slowly and rhythmically towards the heart, when you reach the top of the area being worked ease pressure and glide hands back to the starting point to continue.


Petrissage, pressing down with thumb pads while rotating in a clockwise circular motion over area being worked. This is usually performed over tight muscles, joints and protruding bones such as the shoulder blades (Scapulas). This helps to eliminate waste products such as uric acid from the area.

I suggest you watch the video prior to massaging your friends and family


Effleurage the front of one hand and wrist. While applying a little of the hand cream / massage oil   4 -6 repeats


With the palm facing down, Petrissage, around and in between the bones of the wrist, manipulate the wrist in all directions i.e. gently push hand back towards the body, down towards ground and from wrist move hand clockwise and counter clockwise direction Do not use great force this is a mild stretch.


Spread the back of the hand with your thumb pads. Using both thumbs flat on the hand, starting at the fingertips move both thumbs up to the wrist going in opposite directions cover the whole of the hand.


With your thumb, on top of hand and 4 fingers under on palm side, slowly drain down between the tendons found between each finger, one at a time, squeezing the flap of skin at the end of each finger.


Using index finger and thumb rotate over each phalange joint in hands, 3 joints in fingers 2 in thumbs. Spend some time performing this; really work into the joint.


Again, encircle whole finger with you hand and pull while rotating your hand around the finger in a corkscrew motion. Repeat by returning your hand to the base of the finger 3 times then move on to next finger. Use stronger pressure this time as the phalange joints have been relaxed now.


Turn the hand over and petrissage between the wrist bones as before.


Work into the palm using your thumbs. Pay particular attention to the area around the thumb; use as much pressure as is comfortable for the client.


Interlock your fingers with your partner’s, thus stretching the palm, and spread the palm with your thumbs.


Turn the hand over again and perform more effleurage, then rest hand on table holding it between your two hands.


Slide off. If time permits, wrap hand in towel as covering the skin (occlusion) maximize oil penetration.


Perform massage on second hand.