In this unit we are looking at the hands, hand ailments, giving and receiving a hand massage as well as looking at the reflex points and briefly look at the metaphysical aspects of the hands.

Always ensure that your hands are clean and your nails are not too long.


A hand scrub prior to commencing the massage is a nice way to ensure that the hands are really clean and will slough off any dead skin enhancing absorption of the essential oils and cream. I also like to make use of footbaths for my clients when appropriate.


Check that your partner is comfortable and is not straining their shoulders; try to encourage partner not to cross legs as this block the energy flow as well as promoting poor circulation.


Some of the benefits of a hand massage.

.           Ideal for the elderly. A hand or foot massage can be a wonderful treat for             someone in hospital or bedridden and you can perform this whilst carrying on             a conversation.

.      Provides the intimacy of touch in a non-sexual way. Touch deprivation may not be of consequence when we are young, even if you are not in a      relationship you may have children that give you hugs and kisses, but for the elderly the opportunity to feel the loving nurturing touch of another human being can be infrequent, this can lead to feelings of isolation and disharmony.

.      Beneficial to the whole body by stimulating the nerve endings found in the hands   (refer to reflex sheet).

.           A simply and effective way to apply essential oils to the body.

.           Does not require vast knowledge of massage.

.           Can be accomplished with little equipment or fuss.

.           While giving a hand massage you may find that clients/ friends open up and express emotions that they previously felt uncomfortable discussing. *

*Always remember that any information given during a treatment should be regarded as confidential.


Our hands bear the brunt of the work in our daily lives – and so should get special consideration. Whether you are an office worker, a factory hand, a mother, gardener, mechanic etc. you need some help to keep your hands clean and the skin soft and healthy.


Lemon oil and the juice of fresh lemons are an ideal way to clean the hands, remove stains and freshen the skin. Simply rub half a lemon over the skin to remove grass stains etc, alternatively prepare one of these recipes below and keep handy for cleaning your hands.

Simple hand scrub

1 teaspoon of sugar I prefer raw but use whatever you have

2 drops of essential oil

Suggestions: – lemon, grapefruit, lime, lavender.

Add oil to sugar and rub into hands back and fronts, it is not necessary to wash off as sugar and oils will dissolve. This is great for cleaning hands after working, and before giving a hand massage.

Dirty work hand cream

20 mls sweet almond oil

20 gms pure soap flakes grated.

20 gms sugar

8 drops lemon or grapefruit oil.

Beat together until the soap flakes have dissolved, store in a dark bottle. Wash hands, and then apply the cream rub in well then rinse off in warm water.


To whiten hands and arms

125 gms lanette wax/ any emulsifying wax

250 gms honey

170 mls sweet almond oil

Juice of 3 lemons

15 drops of essential oils of choice


Suggestions lavender, lemon, ho wood, lemongrass, orange, lime grapefruit, tea tree, rose otto. Melt wax in a double boiler, add other ingredients except essential oil, beat together with a fork until cool. Then add essential oil(s).

Night paste for hands

15g blanched almonds

15g raisins, ground

yolk of 1 egg

90mls honey


Grind almonds and stoned raisins together to make a fine paste. Add egg and honey and beat well until all ingredients have combined into a smooth cream. Rub into hands at night before going to bed. Cover with cotton gloves if you wish.

Cuticle rub

10 mls sweet almond oil

4 drops of lemon oil

Blend and rub into cuticles daily. This is also beneficial for brittle nails.




Another stain remover

1 tablespoon of ground pumice

1 teaspoon oatmeal

1 teaspoon lemon juice

2 drops lemon oil

Mix together; rub well into hands before rinsing off with warm soapy water.


Potato hand cream

Some old “floury “potatoes

1 part milk

1 part rosewater

A few drops of vegetable glycerine

4 drops rose oil (or other oil of choice)

Boil potatoes, drain and mash well with milk and rosewater, in equal quantities, to make potatoes into a thick cream. Add glycerin and essential oil mix well. Keep in the fridge and massage into hands frequently to keep them soft and white.   This mixture will keep for approx. 1 week.