A hand massage is relaxing and soothing, it can be performed anywhere with the minimum of equipment and fuss. Some people are uncomfortable having a full body massage as they feel vulnerable being undressed, so a hand or foot massage is a way of giving them all the benefits of a full massage in a way that is acceptable to them.

Whilst giving the hand massage you will be working over the reflex points, while it is not the aim of this course to teach reflexology I feel that it is appropriate to inform you of this wonderful therapy and give you an insight into where the reflex points are located and a brief description of its benefits.

The reflex points in the hands are in similar position to those on the feet, but deeper and less sensitive thus more difficult to locate. This is balanced by the fact that most people love having their hands massaged and it can be done anywhere.


There is no need to ‘believe’ for the treatment to be effective, at the very least it is very relaxing. The therapy focuses on stimulating the reflex points to maintain good health. It is based on the theory that every part of the body corresponds to a very precisely located point on the foot/hand/ear/face.


By applying pressure to these points, you can relax and balance the whole body and help to treat a range of disorders. According to reflexologists, a disorder in any part of the body is reflected by sensitivity in the corresponding area of the feet.

We have 27 bones in the hand made up of 8 Carpal bones found in the wrist, 5 metacarpal bones found in palm area of hand and 14 phalanges making the fingers & thumbs, 3 phalanges in each finger and 2 in each thumb. While you will not be required to remember this for the final assessment it is useful to know when performing a hand massage. Refer to the photocopies from The anatomy colouring in book in the Pdfs .