Over the last few weeks, I have learnt a wealth of knowledge on everything Essential oils! From what they are to how they are made, their benefits and how to use them, I feel that a real passion has flourished in me that will follow me for the rest of my life!
This course has opened up my thinking more widely than I thought it would in a sense that now I only like to make my own products. I am much more wary than before of any synthetic products, whether for the face/body, oils to put in my diffusers around the house or general cleaning products. I believe that this course has made me wiser….

Before the course:
I always liked essential oils and felt drawn to them because they are a reflection of nature, or should I say a nature concentrate! It’s that sentiment of being more connected to Mother Earth through their use that attracted me to them…
However, in the beginning, my use of them was very basic…pop a few drops of my favourite scents in my diffuser, and enjoy the fragrance around the house. I would buy the oils at markets or shops without paying attention to the label, apart from the common name of course, and always made sure I wouldn’t pay too much for an oil as, after all, an essential oil is just an essential oil!
Then, when I started my massage training, I realised how massage oils can be expensive, and why not do a course that would teach me how to make my own/blend my own.
This is when I looked for an aromatherapy course, and little did I know how it will change my life in so many ways!

During the course:
With each lesson of the Aromatherapy course, I was blown away with how little I knew and how much I was learning! I realised how many uses essentials oils had, not just for the diffuser or in perfumery, but that I could actually make cleaning products for the house that would be healthier for the whole family and natural skincare products that would be adapted to each skin type. More importantly, I would be able to make blends not only for my different massage oils, adapted to each client’s needs, but help my family and myself with different ailments by providing relief and healing, always in a natural way.
This opened my eyes so much and empowered me in many ways! It felt that by working with nature and following simple rules (dosage, contra-indications etc), I could pretty much find a healthy solution to most common issues that one comes across in life regularly, without going to the GP or using medication. Well at least leaving the latter as a very last option rather than first.

After the course:
I have already put my leaning into practice in many ways…
First, I have become extremely picky with the oils I purchase! Quality first, price second. I always look for the important information on the label. If it’s not there, I will not look or smell further!
I have helped my daughter with dermatitis she had around her nose for a while. It looked like a rash/eczema, and after asking advice from my lovely teacher, I topically applied Lavender Essential oil on the area for several days in a row. Not only it made my daughter really relaxed to have Lavender right under her nose (!), but it cleared 95% of the rash! The GP would have given me the good old cortisone cream!
Another way I have used my learning is in my massage oil blends. I now find it very easy to make a relaxing blend or an energising one, or my favourite, a warming blend that will soothe muscles aches and pains.
I have made an uplifting blend for the car that promotes focus, and almost the same recipe for my daughter’s room spray that she uses while studying…same recipe, two different uses.
I add a few drops of essential oils (lemon, eucalyptus, Tea tree) to the distilled water in my vacuum steamer while washing the floor, sanitising the house in a such a fragrant way!
The most amazing thing so far is the blend made in class for my menstruation pain and flow that I have suffered from for over 30 years…without medication, I simply cannot function while on my periods. After massaging the blend on my pelvic area morning and evening, I haven’t had one ounce of pain and my flow has reduced by at least half! This for me was the highlight of it all and comes as a miracle!!

Beyond the course:
To conclude, I can definitely say that this course aromatised my life on many levels!
Understanding each oil and how they work, by themselves or in a blend, their many benefits and uses, has simply changed my life.
By using essential oils, I feel that I am working with nature directly to heal the body and the mind. And that truly is a miracle…the miracle of Nature!!

Sarah Henriksen Certificate II student April 2020

“This document is in support of Joanne Lang Aromatherapy Teaching and Knowledge.
I completed the diploma course in Aromatherapy at Eclipse Living Essence and found Joanne to be an excellent teacher and mentor. She presented a very highly professional and competent course being based on 25 years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Aromatherapy.
Joanne’s knowledge of aromatherapy is second to none, in the sense that she does not compromise on the quality of her course and materials used in this subject matter.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Joanne’s course to those considering aromatherapy as a career path or for one’s own personal self awareness and development in the field of complimentary medicine.”
Vanessa Lee Eels – Waikiki – 4th April 2018

“The courses changed my life for the better. They were interesting, well organised and an excellent groundwork for my future. Joanne’s professionalism and empathy for us as her students were key to my success and, as an ex-teacher, I give her full marks for her teaching skills. A rewarding experience.” Jan

“Joanne is an engaging aromatherapy educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience which she delivers in both instructional and practical ways with a drop of humour that ensured class was always educational and enjoyable.” Sarah Hawkins – Aromacoach

“Jo is an amazing teacher! I did my Diploma of Aromatherapy with her and it was the best training I have ever had!!” Heidi Claire Sumner

“I got something special from Joanne. Well, it may not only from Joanne but most of them were from her. The special things I got still remains in me in several ways after so many years since I attended the pregnancy workshop, the hot rock massage workshop and the Diploma course at Eclipse. They are surely the knowledge of aromatherapy including essential oils, skin products and massage techniques, the friendship with Joanne and my lovely fellow classmates, and something which makes my life happier.”

“Joanne is a welcoming, wonderful, knowledgeable and professional aroma therapist who makes everyone happy, even just talking to her.”

“The time we (Joanne, three other lovely ladies and me) shared in the classroom at previous Eclipse was the most amazing and exciting experience to me. Joanne shared (she taught us but “shared” sounds more suitable as the class was enjoyable and Joanne made all of us feel like she is one of us, not a “teacher”) her knowledge about aromatherapy, how to make products (such as facial cream, lip balm, mosquito repellent, etc.), how to do one hour full body massage. During the massage practice, all students get several nice massages by fellow students, which was so relaxing in the evening classes after work. I usually hesitate to ask any questions in any classrooms where I learn or study, however I could and did comfortably ask a lot of questions to Joanne and my classmates. I would love to attend Joanne’s diploma course or any workshops over and over if I have a chance. I am sure I will learn something new every time. Most of all, I miss the special time we had at the precious Eclipse. Finally, I would like to thank Joanne for being my friend and someone who is happy to share and always there for me and my fellow classmates.” Misaki

“I have been a student of Jo’s various times as I have found her classes to be extremely informative, fascinating and fun! I appreciate the significant and thorough knowledge of aromatherapy I have gained from Jo’s vast experience, and am grateful for the confidence she has imparted in me to apply this learnt knowledge elsewhere.
I think of Jo as a beautiful, generous personality, and I have also continued to access her oils and products over the years (as well as picking her brain for advice every now and again )” Leeanne Vincent

“The courses changed my life for the better. They were interesting, well organised and an excellent groundwork for my future. Joanne’s professionalism and empathy for us as her students were key to my success and, as an ex-teacher, I give her full marks for her teaching skills. A rewarding experience.”  J.Larwood

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