Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy is designed to impart a thorough knowledge of aromatherapy and offer hands-on experience. The diploma is aimed at students who wish to work professionally within the aromatherapy industry.

Unit 1 – The history of aromatics. Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries by different cultures from Ancient Mesopotamia, China, India, Greece, Egypt and Rome, and is now a world-wide therapy. We take a look back at its fascinating journey right through to today.

Unit 2 – Uses and applications of essential oils. This unit is limited only by the imagination. I share with you some of the amazing, interesting and unique ways to utilise essential oils for health, well-being and spiritual practices.

Unit 3 – In depth study of 70+ essential oils and 20+ carrier oils  hydrosols, resins etc.

Unit 4 – Establish therapeutic properties and applications of Carrier oils and other natural bases.

Unit 5- Blending of aromatherapy products for therapeutic and aromatic effect.  This unit also includes ;-

        Natural perfumery. Blending essential oils for perfume is vastly different from therapeutic uses:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the process of creating natural perfumes
  • Infusing natural materials to enhance perfumes
  • The ancient art of creating Khyphi
  • Aromatherapy and Feng Shui

Unit 6 – Aromatherapy massage, consultation skills, and basic business practices ** as many students do not wish to run a massage clinic we offer this as an opt in additional class please speak to Jo at time of enrolling if you wish to take this unit.

Unit 7 –  Skin care using a wide variety of natural products.

Unit 8 – Organic chemistry. Apply the principles of organic and aromatic plant oil chemistry to the practice of aromatherapy.

Unit 9 – Pharmacokinetics. How the body interacts with essential oil components and how these compounds are metabolized and excreted from the body.

Unit 10 – Pathophysiology. This unit encompasses a range of disorders and diseases that cause human body systems to malfunction. Students learn to identify the correct aromatherapy treatment for specific symptoms.

Unit 11 –  Aromatherapy treatments. Building on our knowledge of identifying ailments, we now learn how to apply treatments:

  • Cellulite wraps
  • Hot stone massage
  • Body scrubs
  • Clay treatments

Unit 12 – Basic Business Studies

Unit 13 – Anatomy and physiology. This is a free, self-study unit for students that do not already hold a qualification in this subject.

Senior first-aid certificate – Students are also required to hold a senior first aid certificate prior to working as a therapist

On successful completion of the diploma you will receive a  Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy and can practice as a Clinical Aromatherapist. You can also use the letters HHAI or IICT after your name, and qualify to join:

  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT)
  • Holistic Health Association International (HHAI)

Cost $8,500.00 – Price includes:

  • Certificate IV (which has been embedded into the course)
  • Course notes
  • A book of blends
  • Materials used in the course
  • Products you make are yours to take home

Duration – One year

Classes are held

  • Mondays starting 2nd August  2021  we will be taking breaks from class attendance during School holidays  Classes run from 10 am to 2pm.
  • Saturday 10th July 2021  10.30 to 2.30
  • Off campus training also available we offer live streaming , weekly recorded classes and self paced learning options .


We recently offered a week-long intensive workshop program to accommodate interstate students. This proved very successful and we are offering this again in 2021.


Please feel free to Contact Joanne if you have any queries or to discuss a different  payment plan.

1, Payment in full 2 weeks prior to the start of course $8000.00 a saving of $500.00
2 , Deposit of 15% ($1275.00) due 2 weeks or more prior to starting course , then monthly , fortnightly or weekly payments.

Monthly x 10= 722.50
Fortnightly x 20 = 361.00
Weekly x 40 = 181.00

Call Jo on 0435 368 664   or email eclipsearomatherapy@yahoo.com.au