This workshop was created for anyone wanting to explore the use of essential oils for the upcoming New & Full Moon. We will look at the influences of the moon on our individual path and create blends to harness / make changes / amplify areas of our lives via working with the specific energies of the moon at this time.

Attendance will infuse their individual essential oil synergy into incense sticks, votive candles aromatic sprays and massage blends. The class is being offered on Tuesday 6th July from 6 pm to 9 pm Cost $90.00 bring a friend and each receive 10% discount.  Anyone wanting to attend these classes on an ongoing basis will be offered a discount student wanting to come on an ad hoc basis classes will be $60.00 or with a friend $54.00 each per class, students that choose to pay in full in advance cost is $50.00 per class x 11 =$550.00 or with a friend $495.00 each if you are unable to attend a class product will be created for you in your absence and available for collection from Eclipse.  If you are not in Perth and would like to participate call Joanne to discuss.

Classes will be offered on the first Tuesday (evening)  of each month before the new moon.